Hollander Component SearchTM Model

The Hollander Component SearchTM model has been formulated to enable our clients to avail themselves of any of a broad set of executive search services ("components") that we can provide. The engagement structure entails the client to select precisely which components our Firm performs vs. which ones the client performs. Under the Hollander Component SearchTM model, several searches for closely related positions can be conducted concurrently for the same base fees.

To effect this, the client is offered a comprehensive set of available components, each priced individually and selectable in any combination. This enables the client flexibility in achieving the dual aims of a superior placement together with applying client resources for Firm skills that are most needed.

Under the Hollander Component SearchTM model, the Firm guarantees accurate and timely execution of each selected component, but not the overall timing or outcome. Rather, the client organization assumes responsibility for the flow of activities and results.

Detailed material regarding the Hollander Component SearchTM model can be explored by clicking on the links (at the left) for the Component ModelTM's Process & Methodology, Components & Pricing: Typical Set, Components & Pricing: Full Set and Terms & Conditions.

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