Hollander Component SearchTM Process

The Hollander Group's Executive Search Consultancy Practice utilizes the Hollander Component SearchTM Process Model under which the client selects which activities The Hollander Group participates in. Pricing depends upon which components are selected. The constituent activities available for a search engagement are depicted in the above diagram and individually described below:

  • Understand the Client Organization and Position Requirements Including Videoconference and/or Telephone Meetings with Key Stakeholders
    The Hollander Group develops an understanding of the client organization, identifying the needs and requirements for the potential hire. We quickly educate ourselves about key business drivers, and the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the organization in order that we develop a complete understanding of the organizational culture and core values. We develop an understanding of the organizational structure, reporting relationships and dynamics with in the organization. This is done via phone interview with key stakeholder(s) and/or the hiring manager.

  • Develop Detailed Position Description Document (electronic) with Inputs, Edit Suggestions from Search Committee
    The Hollander Group reviews online and written materials available from the organization including any current descriptions of the position, advertisements and web materials which pertain to the position being recruited. The Hollander Group synthesizes these materials into a coherent document, typically about 5-10 pages in length. The document comprises:

    • A synopsis of the position with major duties.
    • Key qualifications of the successful applicant.
    • Responsibilities of the position.
    • Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate.
    • How to apply for the position.
    • Description of the overall organization.
    • Description of the unit of the organization in which the position resides.
    • Appendices, as appropriate.

  • Network: Research, Develop Customized Database and Announce Position via Personalized Email to All Individuals in Database
    Given our successful completion of numerous searches at various executive, management, practitioner and scientific levels, we believe that The Hollander Group’s knowledge of various search markets, together with our database and custom-developed networking toolset of prospects, sources and resources to be the most extensive and complete in the nation. The database/toolset combination is tuned to permit flexible, focused “drill-down” and analysis across/within various industry sectors. More specifically:

    • The Hollander Group will develop a very complete database which includes appropriate prospective candidates at Schools, Colleges and Universities and/or other relevant Organizations in the United States and Canada. Typically we are able to develop a listing of prospects which targets the size and type of organization the successful applicant will likely come from. Typical databases tap into specialized administrative, scientific and skill set expertise.
    • We also construct regional databases with all prospective individuals in a 10 state region surrounding states in which positions are being recruited.
    • We are acquainted with and have contacts with diversity organizations in a large number of fields.
    • After the custom database is constructed, The Hollander Group sends a personalized email to each individual in the database.

  • Follow Up Phone Calls to Subset of Email Database
    We have found that the most successful searches, especially in the case of candidate scarcity, result from a dual approach of personalized email followed by a personal phone call to all or a subset of individuals in the database. The reinforcement of a follow up phone call is often the extra reminder that prompts individuals to follow up on opportunities. When prospective applicants express an interest in the position, a Partner of The Hollander Group speaks with them, answers any questions and encourages them to apply for the position.

  • Telephone Screening of Prospective Candidates and Verbal Presentation of Interview Highlights to Search Committee
    The Hollander Group interviews each prospective candidate who appears to meet the stated requirements of the position. This telephone screening is then shared with the search committee or hiring manager in a verbal presentation, typically via conference call.

  • Videoconference Meeting with Search Committee to Support Selection Of Semi-Finalist Candidates to be Interviewed Confidentially by Search Committee (via Videoconference)
    The Hollander Group principals attend this meeting with the search committee to assist committee members in selecting semi-finalists.

  • Preparation for and Participation in Videoconference Meeting(s) with Search Committee to Conduct Semi-Finalist Interviews, Leading to Selection of Finalists for Campus Visits
    [Preparation includes setting up interview schedule, arranging videoconferences & phone calls, development of interview questions and rating tool]
    [Participation includes facilitating decision process for finalist candidate visits]

    The Hollander Group attends the search committee meeting via videoconference to assist with all logistics of scheduling and conducting the interviews for semi-finalist applicants. This may include:

    • Drafting questions for committee consideration so that all applicants are treated consistently.
    • Providing training for interviewers to maximize successful interviews and avoid inappropriate questions.
    • Debriefing with committee members at the end of each interview to make sure committee member feedback is captured while it is fresh in the minds of interviewers.

  • Assist With Arranging Campus Interviews
    The Hollander Group works with a designee of the hiring manager to determine finalist availability, assist with scheduling dates for finalist visits.

  • 3-Stage Reference Checking Process
    In our experience, the most effective references are conducted via phone interview with the referee. We conduct 3 stages of reference checking:

    • On-List: Phone interviews of references on the candidate’s reference list prior to campus visits
    • Off-List: Phone interviews of references who are not on the candidate’s reference list. These references are conducted immediately prior to an offer being made. Examples of off list references typically include individuals to whom the candidate reports, senior administrators who are familiar with the candidate’s work and organizational contributions and the like.
    • Public Press Search: We conduct a search of various news and social media in order to avoid a potentially awkward situation regarding the candidate.

  • Assist in Presenting and Negotiating a Final Offer
    The Hollander Group is available to assist the hiring manager with any phase of making an offer to the finalist. We continue working with the client until an offer is made and the finalist accepts the offer.

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