Hollander Component SearchTM Model: Components and Pricing - Typically Selected Set

NOTE 1: For concreteness, the list of available components (with pricing) that follows utilizes nursing in higher education as the chosen academic discipline. This is, by no means, intended to suggest that only nursing search engagements are possible. Virtually any other academic discipline will be considered, although certain component descriptions and pricing would vary according to that choice.

NOTE 2: Actual pricing for an engagement under The Hollander Group Component SearchTM Model depends upon the components selected by the client and to a lesser extent the academic discipline as just noted.

Following is a table that contains the set of components typically selected by client with moderate to substantial in-house capabilities to perform the other component tasks need in the overall search process.

Hollander Component SearchTM: Typical Set of Components with Pricing and Expenses

Component Descriptions and Pricing Details for Typically-Selected Components

Component: Understand the Client Organization and Position Requirements Including Videoconference/Phone.
Component Pricing: Done via Skype/Phone: $600.

Component: Adapt Existing Job Description Into Detailed Position Description Document(s) (in Electronic Form) that is Suitable for Posting on The Hollander Group's Website for Use in Outreach to Prospective Applicants Via Personalized Email Announcements and Follow Up Telephone Calls.
Comment 1: A working template is employed along with extensive Inputs, Edit Suggestions and revisions from Search Committee

Comment 2: The resulting Position Description document usually (but need not) contain the following:
     • Introduction: Position, responsibilities, qualifications, etc.
     • How to Apply, including our role and visibility to candidates.
     • Material about the institution (brief).
     • Material about the academic unit, including programs, degrees granted, etc.
Component Pricing: $2,000.00, for us to do the adaptation.
Else $500.00 for us to Proofread, prior to posting on our website.

Component: Electronic Announcement: Research and Development Customized Database and Announce Position Via Personalized Email Message to All Individuals in Our Academic Nursing Databases.
Component Pricing: $13,100

Component: Follow Up Phone Calls to Subset of Email Database(s)
Component Pricing: $2,500 per 1,000 individuals called (prorated). We will provide a count of the number of individuals we propose to call for your approval. [We recommend using 1,000 calls for estimating purposes.]

Component: Electronic Follow-Up, Collection and Distribution (to Search Committee) of Candidate Application Materials
Component Pricing: Included in Electronic Announcement Task (see above); not available otherwise.

Component: Telephone Discussions With Prospective Applicants As Well As Email Follow Up To Hiring Manager With Prospective Applicant Questions
Component Pricing: $2,500 for the first position and $500 for each additional concurrently contracted for position.

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