About The Hollander Group and Our Executive Search Practice

The Hollander Group is a nationally-based consultancy practice established in 1985 by Clifford R. Hollander, PhD. Our offices are located in Chicago, Illinois, but our client base spans the entire United States. Dr. Hollander serves as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Ms. Sharon M. Flynn Hollander, RN, MSN, MBA, serves as Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Since 2000, the Firm has quickly grown into a national executive search consultancy practice, addressing the recruitment needs of a wide variety of mission-driven organizations and engagements within higher education. The Firm utilizes two main engagement models to address client needs:

     • Hollander Component SearchTM Model

Both models employ proven, results-oriented, cost sensitive methodologies with scrupulous attention to detail, resulting in superior client satisfaction and a very high rate of repeat/return engagements. Each model has certain advantages; for example, the Standard Model carries an outcome guarantee, whereas under the Component Model several searches for closely-related positions can be performed concurrently with using the same base Fee Structure as for a single search.


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