Clifford R. Hollander, Ph.D.
Sharon M. Flynn Hollander, RN, MSN, MBA

Dr. Clifford R. Hollander


Clifford R. Hollander, PhD, is President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Hollander Group which he founded in 1985. Over the course of 20 years, Hollander worked with more than 150 organizations helping them specify, design and operationalize medium- to very large-scale, mission-critical information systems projects in a wide variety of corporate, government and public environments.

Typical engagements, which invariably entail(ed) substantive amounts recruitment responsibilities (as noted above) invariably involved various combinations of advanced communications networking, information brokering and web-based intermediation. This provided a natural segway to Clifford's focus upon executive recruitment.

Clifford’s role in those engagements, in addition their technical aspects, always included understanding and formalizing client and project requirements pertaining to skill needs and team building on behalf of stakeholder organizations and their most demanding projects.

This deep-seated experience continues to engender rich knowledge bases pertaining to technical and business content, as well as extensive contact networks that he regularly exploits for executive recruitment purposes.


Since 2005, Clifford has devoted the vast majority of his energy and attention to co-leading The Hollander Group’s Executive Search Consultancy Practice with Sharon. More recently, he has also focused upon exploring the application of machine learning to a number of projects.

Hollander holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University, a Master of Science degree also from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sharon M. Flynn Hollander


Sharon M. Flynn Hollander, RN, MSN, MBA, is Executive Vice President (EVP), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Lead for the Executive Search Consultancy Practice for The Hollander Group.  She has developed a national executive search practice in a wide variety of not-for-profit sectors. Today, areas of special expertise include mission driven organizations with primary emphasis on academic nursing. The Hollander Group has completed nearly 300 searches in academic nursing.

Prior to entering the executive search field, Ms. Flynn Hollander spent more than 25 years in healthcare in executive, clinical, managerial and consulting roles. She began her career in nursing, where she gained an in-depth understanding of the healthcare delivery system and the delicate balance between high quality care, service and financial goals.

Later, she held a number of positions in nursing and healthcare at the University of Chicago Hospitals & Clinics in Chicago and at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, Illinois.  Upon moving to California, Sharon embarked upon a nine-year career as an executive at Stanford University Hospital, where she served as a director of nursing and as an associate hospital director.

In 1997, Sharon was recruited to be the chief executive officer of Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, where she remained until 2000 when she embarked upon executive search. Her entire career was based in academic settings.  Her search portfolio in higher education has encompassed a large number of Chair, Dean, Vice Provost, Vice Chancellor and Provost searches.


Sharon’s expertise, which she transitioned from executive leadership to search, emphasizes helping empower institutions across a wide range of sectors and fiscal conditions to maximize outcomes via tailored combinations of innovative leadership and management restructuring, cost containment, revenue generation and operational infrastructure renovation. As a clinician and administrator, Sharon led with a passion for quality and service, consistently selecting executives and teams who share that passion. Having served in major academic institutions, Sharon adds a deep understanding of universities and medical centers to her broad background in all areas of management and in institutions of varying sizes, public and private.  These experiences afforded her technical, managerial and finance expertise, which she has brought to bear upon executive search.

Sharon’s academic credentials include a Master in Management degree from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, a Master of Nursing Management degree from Loyola University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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