Standard Search Pricing and Terms

Search Fee:

Greater of: (a) 1/3 of the Finally-Negotiated Annual Compensation for Hired Candidate and (b) Minimum Fee of $40,000

Direct Expenses:

Actual outlays including but not limited to candidate & consultant travel, direct mailings, videoconferencing fees and vendor fees.
[NOTE: Direct Expense amounts are always pre-approved by our client and we strive to minimize costs in manner consistent with search excellence.]

One Year Guarantee Policy:

If the final placement leaves your organization within one year of placement for reasons other than death, disability, change of control, company relocation, or significant change in job responsibilities, The Hollander Group will conduct the search again at no charge to you other than for direct expenses incurred.

Off Limits Guarantee Policy:

The Hollander Group will not recruit from within your organization for one year from the time of closing an engagement.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy:

The Hollander Group will not end the search until you are satisfied with the placement.

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