Standard Search Strategy and Methodology

The Hollander Group's research services have excelled in identifying outstanding, customized, industry-specific networks that we continually deepen in order to consistently pursue exceptional candidate pools. Our proven experience spans numerous industry sectors and position types.

We have a long-standing commitment to diversity with 66% of hires being women and persons of color.

Our success in client satisfaction is evidenced by over 50% repeat business.

Our approach and edge in executive search is seen in our core processes, which are simple and utilize a four-phase approach, which is describe in Phase Four below.

Phase One: Understanding the
Client Organization and the Position

At the commencement of each search The Hollander Group builds a thorough understanding of the client organization, identifying the needs and requirements for the potential hire. We educate ourselves about key business drivers, and the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the organization in order that we develop a thorough understanding of the organizational culture and core values. We also develop a thorough comprehension of the organizational structure, reporting relationships and dynamics with in the organization.

Deliverables during this phase include interviewing all key individuals who will relate to and work with the new hire, meeting with the hiring manager and search committee (where applicable) and key stakeholders. We review relevant documentation that sheds light from within the organization about the position. The final deliverable of this phase is The Hollander Group’s draft the position description, provided to the client for approval or adjustment.

Phase Two: Research

We consider our research function to be an exceptional strength and a unique differentiator. In this phase we finalize the position description, gaining client final approval. Concomitantly, we craft a strategy that serves as our roadmap to the types of individuals who would either be interested in this type of a position or know of possible prospective candidates.  We work with our clients to explore avenues known to them that could lead us to prospective candidates.

We develop a two-prong approach, which leads to the eventual hire. The point of the first prong of the research is to cast a broad net, which will inform as many like-skilled individuals of the position opening via targeted outreach.

In the second prong of our approach, we work with our client to identify “ideal” individuals who would make the most suitable hire. We locate and talk with these individuals to determine their personal interest in the position or referrals they might have for potential prospective candidates. Typically several thousand individuals are notified of the position via both personalized electronic announcements and followup phone calls.

Throughout this phase we draw heavily upon and expand our contact networks, both interpersonal and computer-readable.

Throughout this phase, we review our progress with our client frequently.

Phase Three: Screening

In this phase we screen individuals who appear to meet the requirements of the position. We conduct very thorough interviews and provide complete reports about the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses to our clients.

Phase Four: Selection and Support

During the Selection and Support phase, we present a listing of all applicants we have considered in the search. I n addition we provide a short list of top prospects for our client to consider. First-round interviews are set up for the client and candidates to meet and referencing begins with promising prospects.

Once a candidate is selected as a finalist for a campus visit we begin our 4-stage reference checking process:

  • On-List: Phone interviews with 3-4 person's on the individuals indentified by the candidate, all completed prior to the campus visit.
  • Off-List: Phone interviews of references that are not on reference list supplied by the candidate. These references are conducted immediately prior to an offer being made. Examples of off list references typically include individuals to whom the candidate reports, senior administrators who are familiar with the work, organizational contributions, style, etc. of the candidate.
  • Credential Verification: These typically comprise a combination of highest degree verification, financial and credit checks and criminal background checks, as appropriate for the position.
  • Internet Search: We conduct a search of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

When 2-3 finalists are identified, additional references are gathered as are other credibility checks.

Finally, we assist our client in negotiating and presenting a final offer.

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